The sea has so, so many different creatures! My personal favorites are cuttlefish, squids, and other cephalopods. But, there are many others. Theres eels, tarpons, mudskippers, toadfish, lamprays, dogfishes, ratfish, coelacanths, lungfishes, garden eels, walking catfish, gulper eels, parrot fish, elephant-fish, butterfly-fish, bristlemouths, viperfish, lizardfish, lancetfish, anglerfish, carp, hatchetfish, characins, piranhas, crucifix fish, barber eels, cod, weatherfish, grenadiers, polyps, pearlfish, silversides, killifish, gurnards, scorpionfish, perch, bass, cichlids, gouramis, damselfish, salmon, barracudas, wrasses, blennies, gobie, pufferfish, and trunkfish… and much, much more! I can barely address the oceans’ diversity. I am so enthralled and captivated by everything!

Heres a little doodle as I think of the ocean, the water and the life that lives underneath. I’m not exactly sure what the doodle is, even if it does have the shape and symmetry of an octopus. But, its inspiration lies beneath the water among all the living,

Time – 30 minutes
Program – Traditional; blue sharpie, green and blue highlighter


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on “Octopus
2 Comments on “Octopus
  1. That is one fantastic octopus!

    If the rate of growth of octopus suction cups is dS/dt=s(t/2) and it has 42.23 suction cups at t=2, how many suction cups does it have at t=17?

  2. Thanks for both the comment, and question! Wow, the octopus is really growing alot of suction cups. At t=17, is there 3.7 x 10^(32) suction cups? If so, thats huge! Amazing! :O

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