Thank you for visiting my still-developing portfolio – or my current journey through the jungles of art. Personally, I find part of my life to be a journey that sheds light upon art. Although art may appear to be nonsense at times, I believe in “Art for art’s sake,” The beauty of it is enough for me to pursue it. Besides, the thought of its influence on the world intrigues me.

Who I Am:

My name is Rosemary Davies. I study mathematics and biology. Though I enjoy topics of regenerative medicine and bioinformatics within my major, I also like to get outside of it. Other interests include virtual art, typography, equilibristic juggling, and short narratives.

On this site, you will find my “doodles” – free, unrestricted drawings and photographs.

Thank you for coming to my site. While the site hosts my portfolio, I hope that it can serve other means to. If it can inspire or positively help you, then I am pleased.



-What “Poparu” means:

My alias Poparu (Pop-a-roo) is simply imaginary. The word comes from two words, “Pop” and “Kangaroo”. Pop sort of refers to my spontaneous nature. I like to bring up new ideas, instead of just building on others. (Also “Po” is a part of my family’s tradition of “pockets”. It all started with my grandparents [100pockets] and went to my mom [200pockets] and my sister [300pockets] and me [400pockets/Poparu] and… it’ll go on and on) The “Kangaroo” part is because kangaroos are my favorite, childhood animal. Now, my favorite animal switches between tardigrades, planaria, and some species under the order homopteran.

-Computer Programs used: Coral Painter X, Coral Painter Essentials 4, Adobe Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, Open Canvas, Mudbox, Blender, Maya, Apophysis, Processing, Scratch

-Scratch Account:


Scratch is a programming language developed by MIT that has allowed millions of people across the world to easily create projects on their interests. I first started using it when I was an 8th grader with the account 400pockets. Later, I created a new account beginning high school called Poparu. Though I don’t use the language anymore, I appreciate its influence on my work. Many thanks to the MIT Media Lab!


Contact Information:

Any further questions? Comments? Concerns? Feel free to email me at rosemaryhdavies@msn.com, and I will be sure to get back to you.

— Comments are greatly appreciated! Whether you’d like to critique my work or just say “Hello”, feel free to comment. I’d love to hear anything at all —

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